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Jute Bags Benefit the Environment

All-natural jute, the world renowned “golden fiber,” is a highly durable and moisture resistant material with impressive tensile strength. Our Jute Bags are constructed with this celebrated material, boasting recyclable and biodegradable properties. The use of jute fiber to manufacture reusable bags combats the use of alternate materials that contain toxic chemicals, such as plastic. India and many other countries have banned the use of plastic bags due to the pollution and waste they create, using jute as an obvious alternative. Our hope is that more countries will follow in this sustainable initiative.

Jute Bags Boost Your Brand

Play an active and admirable role in planetary preservation by promoting your brand with custom Jute Bags. Consumers are paying more attention than ever before to “green” initiatives, actively seeking businesses recognized for positive social and environmental impact. Establish your eco-conscious image with sustainable products like Custom Earth Promos’ Jute Bags. Work with an in-house design expert to build an exclusive order of Jute Bags that capture your brand aesthetic with custom fabric, colors and graphics. Showcase your logo on the available imprint areas to optimize eco-friendly exposure and build beneficial brand recognition.

And Impex will be the next top trustworthy brand in BD jute sector by ensuring quality & standards. We have a great team with high skill of work in their own creativity. A highly skilled team can only satisfy the client by delivering their merit to the project.

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